Specialists for Change, Leadership and Human Resources

We generally work with medium-sized companies but also serve corporations and smaller companies. CEOs, CHROs, HR executives and HR Development leaders from an array of industries (Finance, Production, Automotive, Sales, Services, Travel etc.) approach us about the strategic and operative issues catered to by our range of services.

We support our clients in achieving their strategic and HR policy targets. In alignment with the corporate decisions taken, the p3 consultants dedicate their efforts to the successful implementation of these strategies. Depending on the situation and requirements, we act in the role of consultants (expert consulting, process consulting and appropriate combinations), process consultants, facilitators or leadership trainers. On request we also assume operative responsibility as interim managers on site, working in close cooperation with the internal management. In many cases too, executive management staff contact us directly to consult us about concrete issues with employees or teams and also to receive consulting and support for their own development.

Our clients experience consulting and support at eye level

  •    We question: respectfully, critically, resourcefully
  •    We reflect: objectively, focused, in dialog
  •    We respond: practically, soundly, consistently

An objective view of the overall situation, clear business orientation and concepts for implementation with and by the employees are connected inseparably with each other. Even after multiple projects and experiences with people and situations, we have preserved our individual approach. We take time for clarification while remaining flexible and pragmatic enough to ensure a promising implementation. Concentrating on the culture and perspective of the respective company, we drive target achievement with loyalty and cooperative partnership.

Our services are scalable

Our clients continuously determine the type and depth of our cooperation. Diverse support formats are available for this purpose. They range from support for specific individual issues to modules and package solutions, not to mention continuous assistance in long-term projects.


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