Against the background of concrete project inquiries, we are pleased to provide suitable references and can arrange for confidential contact with selected representatives of our clients.

"From the very beginning you made us aware of the neuralgic points which ultimately made change possible. I had a good feeling right away. We have taken a great step forward in the aspect of mental change, which was a relevant foundation for our new business field strategy. The fact that we were also able to exceed our turnover targets at the same time as a result remains remarkable.”?
(Managing Director)

"It is astonishing how quickly you acquired a clear picture of our situation and began to work with us. Looking back, we worked out exactly the right solution. Once again you have proven yourselves as a Task Force. Many thanks!”?
(Chief Human Resources Officer)

"In the meantime, I can see something approaching pride in our apartment's new overall concept for human resources development. You have supported us with your consultants over long periods of time and have helped us out of quite a few troughs. And the breath of fresh air has already arrived at management level too.”?
(HR Manager)

"Many thanks for your dedicated work with our circle of future young executives. Over the past twelve months, it has grown into a group which you have optimally prepared for the leadership tasks ahead of them in our company. We look forward to reflective and motivated new managers!"
(Head of Executive Staff Development)

"Now that we have those stormy days behind us I'm glad that we persisted and have now raised our team to a really new level. To be honest, I initially had my doubts whether we would be able to reach everyone and find our way back into a constructive fairway.”
?(IT Team Leader)

"I would like to thank you once again personally for the professional organization of the Orientation Center. I had quite a different experience of this at my previous place of employment. I felt well taken care of in your Orientation Center. You really reflected our company very well. During the feedback conversation it became particularly clear to me how intensively the internal and external observers watched what was happening during the whole two days. Even though some very clear fields of learning emerged for me, I can accept them very well.”
?(Orientation Center participant)

"Thank you once again that you really came to meet me and proceed from where I stood at that time. The four days were strenuous, but ultimately very fruitful and effective. At the moment I'm at a decisive turning point.”?
(Finance Department Manager)

"I have met a quite a lot of profilers in recent years. Your analysis using the GPOP and above all our intensive personal conversation with each other have given me special food for thought. I am astonished how quickly and specifically we got to the point.”
?(Head of foreign branch office)

"I was on the verge of giving up my position as a manager because my employee's behavior had worn me down so badly. Now I feel stronger again. With your help I have found my position from which I can deal with the situation with my employee much more serenely.”?
(Team Leader of Controlling)

"I would like to let you know about all the positive feedback received. This May, the multiplicator training course for our internal experts took place under the direction of Mr. Weißenborn. Three employees from my department attended. All of them were highly pleased and described the training as the most helpful and best they had ever participated in. As these members of staff are about to be employed in my department, they assured me that they feel optimally prepared and are keen to implement Mr. Weißenborn's tips and recommendations.”
(Department Manager)


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