We support our clients in developing and achieving their strategic and HR-political targets

Once corporate decisions have been taken, the p3 consultants ensure successful implementation of the ensuing strategies.?? We concentrate on selected clients, working in close, and in most cases, long-term collaboration with them. In our projects we focus mainly on the core areas of Change – Leadership – Human Resources. ?Project planning, implementation and review show how closely interconnected these areas are and how critical their mutual interaction is for the success of a project.

One key issue within the framework of change processes is how clearly management staff define and forge their roles and their relationships with their employees. ?Managers who embody their role pro-actively and bindingly gain the trust of their employees and in doing so surmount unavoidable phases of uncertainty during change. At times, the managers themselves may need support in their roles as multiplicators and corporate culture leaders. ?In addition to this, managers are responsible for the development and adaptation of their employees to the new requirements. A fundamental mid-term perspective is formed on the basis of the HR strategy with corresponding measures, instruments and programs. To be able to make these available, the HR Department positions itself well in advance as a strategic consultant within the company. In addition to the fundamental architecture of the HR development system as a whole (for example, leadership competence and culture structures), Human Resources Management can also provide accompanying supportive measures, in particular during ongoing change processes. ??Alone this brief outline already demonstrates the relationships and interdependencies in the areas of Change, Leadership and Human Resources Management in daily practice. The p3 consultants operate in precisely these areas and, depending on the situation and requirements of the company, provide support as consultants, facilitators, trainers, process consultants and interim managers.


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