Leadership culture and leadership competence

In cooperation with our clients we revitalize or develop the framework for practiced leadership within the respective corporate culture and organizational framework, for example in the form of leadership guidelines, values and meetings.

Above and beyond this we combine our own experiences with state-of-the-art practice and concentrate on mission-critical leadership competences. Our portfolio of workshops and training for management staff consequently ranges from measures for beginners in new management positions to thematically and methodologically highly focused events for experienced leadership professionals. All measures refer directly to the conditions and framework expectations of the company, have a sound employment legislation foundation and, in particular, offer comprehensive possibilities for practical exercises and exchange. The focus is clearly action-orientated and based on actual, practice-relevant issues of the respective management level.

We are often assigned the confidential task of designing and implementing complete development programs for managerial staff and supporting them as the host. The orientation and architecture of our programs are clearly aligned to the defined objectives, which can range from the creation of a talent pool for future executive staff to the extremely value-oriented training of excellent leaders.

Our programs always comprise a variety of work formats. We perceive our training modules as pathfinders, or as practice-oriented stimuli, guiding our participants along their individual road to development. Young executive talents, in particular, must be introduced as early as possible to the real-life challenges of daily business operations. In cooperation with the respective supervisors of the participants, we create opportunities for the development of and reflection on essential leadership competences. 

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