Personal Consultation

We also provide expertise and consulting competence in our fields of service in the form of personal consultation, often as a supportive measure within the framework of comprehensive projects. In this case we do not pursue our clients' questions and issues in the atmosphere or with the didactic approach of a workshop with several participants, but rather with a direct focus on the concrete issues and person. ?Against the background of our own experiences as managers and project leaders in medium-sized companies, we act as drivers, critical sparring partners and experts for sustainable learning and implementation steps.

Personal consultation for management issues

Personal consultation in cases of managerial issues is usually requested by managers with disciplinary responsibility for employees and teams or departments. The specific reasons for a personal consultation are often very diverse and can relate to the current situation involving individual employees or the entire unit. In addition to this, managers are often faced with issues that focus on the general behavior of the managers themselves. ?The confidential consultation sessions help the manager to reflect upon his or her own behavior and on current circumstances and situations inside their own team or with individual employees. Effective response options are developed together with the p3 consultant, tested in daily practice and subsequently reflected upon. ?The objective is the clarification of the current situation or the leadership issue as well as the general personal reinforcement of the manager in demanding leadership situations. ?For managers who would like to address this goal in a confidential circle of experienced colleagues, we offer Supervision services.


Managers who wish to address personal issues, individual development topics or conflict-ridden situations within their professional context opt for the work form of coaching. ?In this case, the p3 consultants proceed from a resource-oriented starting point and work towards the goal of setting constructive developments into motion. We support our coaches in activating available resources and making optimum use of competences to realize goals defined by the participants themselves. ?This process can be supported by reflection together with a profiler, in particular using the GPOP (Golden Profiler of Personality, a method subject to licensing requirements based on typology according to C. G. Jung).

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