Human Resources

Human capital as a success factor

The area of Human Resources is coming increasingly to the forefront of attention; human capital is not only being recognized as a critical success factor but virtually as the decisive competitive advantage per se. This focus is currently being intensified by an all-encompassing change that is taking place with increasing speed as well as by an increasingly urgent demand for innovative competence.

Against this background, the call for strategic analysis and a corresponding Human Resources Management orientation is also becoming increasingly urgent. In addition to the clarification of HR policies and the classic principles of human-resources strategies, a corresponding HR strategy must also be formulated and ideally integrated into HR processes. Ideally, these reflections will ultimately lead to interdisciplinary planning and ensure concentrated unequivocal support for the corporate strategy.

p3 advises and supports the HR Department on its individual path of development into a Business Partner.

The key concept of "Human Capital as a success factor" also raises the question of how this capital can be identified, recruited, fostered and bound to the company in concrete terms.

p3 advises and supports the HR or HR Development Departments on their individual paths towards developing existing instruments into sustainable Talent Management. ?The starting point for development / integration lies in this respect in HR marketing, the recruiting process, a career model with an appropriate promotion process and a strategically oriented HR Development policy in the broader sense. The most effective framework for these instruments is provided by employee retention measures and suitable Performance Management. This must be followed by reflection on position assignment and succession planning.

Individually customized approaches and the careful integration of all design elements are decisive for sustainable solutions.


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