Support during change processes

Decisions on dramatic changes and the associated requirements such as new business models or restructuring projects are taken within the company. The p3 consultants provide support in developing the requisite strategies. ?In close cooperation with the people responsible for the relevant area, we develop implementation and communication concepts to suit the respective corporate culture. This frequently includes planning Town Hall meetings and preparing managers for upcoming interview or conflict situations. 

In addition to this, the focus is on the mindset and behavior of employees and managers: success depends on the readiness of all stakeholders to bring about change. We provide support during the process in which all the stakeholders identify with their roles in the new situation. ?The change culture practiced is thus forged by the managers and leaders. They are not only role models and multiplicators for a constructive approach to the requisite changes but also and particularly for dealing with the personally demanding situations that must be surmounted during change processes. 

Employees are faced with the challenge of finding their bearings amidst changed processes and structures and of actively assuming responsibility. This means taking full advantage of the scopes of action available and supporting changes.

Focused and with respect, the p3 consultants help the key players make their contribution to a successful change. To do this we draw on a broad-ranging portfolio of supportive measures and intervention options that are exclusively planned and implemented with acceptance and sustainability in mind.


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