Project Example Change

Staff reductions

This innovative company has grown very quickly in recent years due to the increased use of the Internet. Building on the positive prognoses for further market developments, it had stocked up its technical and HR resources and prepared itself for further significant growth. ?In the past business year, however, the situation has changed dramatically due to unforeseen developments: in particular the massive market entry of a competitor supported by solvent investors sets new standards and presents the company with major challenges.?The financial situation of the company requires prompt action. Cost-reduction measures are being examined and implemented in all feasible directions, sales activities are being reinforced – a large number of jobs must nevertheless be cut back immediately to avoid jeopardizing the survival of the company. It is clear that following the cut in human resources – one third of its workforce must leave the company – the company must be able to return seamlessly to productivity with a then positive prognosis for the future development of the company.

  • Advising the managing director during planning of the human resources reduction process
  • Support during the negotiations with the work council
  • Development of the communication concept
  • Concept for an off-site staff meeting followed by individual exit interviews
  • Creation of a code of practice for conducting exit interviews
  • Training and coaching of the management staff to prepare for the exit interviews
  • Coaching Managing Director / preparation of presentation (behavior and address) during the works meeting
  • Assistance in off-site works meeting, ad-hoc coaching of the responsible staff members
  • Small-group coaching over a time period of six months subsequent to HR reductions

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