Project Example Change


A service provider company has established itself firmly in the market with an attractive product portfolio and excellent service and has also acquired new corporate clients in recent months. Conservative prognoses for future developments are also generally very positive and long-term growth is expected.?Until now, the company has met the increasing volume of work and sales with flat hierarchies, a base of full-time employees with high overtime accounts and not particularly specialized processes. The entire company is now facing a phase of adaptation to the ever increasing business volumes: at organizational level, the business processes must first be adapted and new regional branch offices set up while human resources together with the associated specializations must be substantially increased on all hierarchy levels. These changes not only demand a rethink process of the managers but also new qualities as process facilitators in particular.

  • Consulting and coaching support for the executive management in respect to corporate management during growth
  • Installation of additional management levels; selection and recruitment of new management staff
  • Development of guidelines and binding management principles
  • Adaptation of the communication processes and information management to the new size of the company
  • Modification of the former vacancy descriptions to the new requirements (specialization instead of generalization)
  • Ongoing coaching of the management staff – challenge: the management of growing, mixed teams of experienced and new employees

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