Project Example Change


The business results of a service provider company have continuously deteriorated over recent years. In addition to serious declines in turnover, the previously successful business model itself is also at issue: external factors have caused profit margin deficits that cannot be compensated for. The company has no other alternative than to undergo a comprehensive restructuring process. The portfolio of planned measures envisages rigorous process optimization measures, offshore relocation of responsibilities and comprehensive workforce restructuring.?Within the framework of a short-term time schedule, the hierarchies are to be made flatter, a selection of sub-functions outsourced and the competence requirements of the employees raised. This focus on the work processes and an anticipated increase in workforce performance is intended to reduce the number of employees.?Despite all these interventions, the company as a brand must not be damaged by this process in the view of the public or of the employees. The work council must also be integrated constructively into this process.?The retention of highly motivated employees in the company supported by managers who can do justice to their role as process facilitators is defined as a success factor and an important goal.

  • Development of the project design for the complete change process
  • Facilitation of the negotiations with the Work Council
  • Steering of the communication process for the planned measures – communication concept, guidelines, negotiation guidelines
  • Preparation of Town Hall meetings at all the locations – presentation, training of speakers
  • Comprehensive training and complementary small group coaching for the managerial staff – role as process facilitator in the change process
  • Development of new job roles, communication and operationalization
  • Individual support of specific managers on site – coaching, team development
  • Ongoing reviews

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