Project Example Change

Strategic reorientation – Customer Relationship Management

After years of offering a tried and proven but almost unchanging range of products, a medium-sized HR Service company is increasingly faced with growing demands from its clients in respect to specializations. The fact that the competition now offers these specializations makes the situation particularly difficult, even though they are not yet offered at the requisite level.?The company would now like to use the existing, intensive client relationships more systematically to make the client orientation of their product portfolio and the requested service much stronger (Customer Relationship Management). The core objective is to secure or regain the market shares.?The executive management would also like to trigger a process that reflects the company, identifies and defines the internal change requirements. In this step, not only the business processes but also the corporate culture, in particular HR management, is to be made the subject of discussion. However, employees with direct customer contact are to be given particular consideration.

  • Consulting support for the executive management, concept development and process facilitation
  • Strategy workshops for upper-level management, continuous facilitation
  • Establishment of a steering group
  • Communication concept
  • Kick-off event with all stakeholders
  • Vision Workshop with all employees, Knowledge Flow Meeting
  • Support for the employees in their Vision Workshop sub-projects
  • Specific workshops (Sales, Executive Circle, HR)
  • Individual coaching
  • Review

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