Project Example Change

Mental change – service provision and sales orientation in HR redundancy management

Following a strategic reorientation and restructuring measure, all the regional offices of a nationwide HR Service Agency are to be prepared for the new fields of operation. The focus above all is on the sustainable establishment of an optimized service culture and mentality rather than on classic process management.?The top priority is to ensure a uniform, clear and tangible understanding and awareness of service provision and sales orientation in order to make a more professional impression when dealing with customers.?The employees have so far been provided with very good qualification measures and exhibit widespread disinterest in sales activities or tend to have negative connotations of sales activities. For this reason it is essential to stimulate an open-minded and positive attitude to sales and service orientation. A new and positive understanding of the role and purpose of sales must be developed. In future, service mentality is to take top priority in customer care services.

  • Consulting support and process facilitation
  • Strategy workshop, concept development and event design
  • On-site research in all the regional offices
  • Pilot phase implementation of measures and optimization of concept development
  • Future Search workshops with complex corporate strategic planning simulation for all regional offices at team-leader level and for all employees. Focal points: Corporate identity, role, order clarification, individual solution consultations, project processing
  • On-site reviews in all the regional offices at team-leader level and for employees
  • Concept development and organization of a closed central management meeting: Future Search workshop, Open Space

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