Transformation in the areas of HR and HR Development

So-called "Human Capital", in particular top performers and managers, is a critical success factor and consequently constitutes a competitive advantage for the company. This becomes particularly evident in these times of constant change and the related demand for flexibility and innovative competence. For this reason, the tasks surrounding HR Development will continue to gain in importance in the future.

The call for adequate organization of HR Development within the company is growing, with increasing urgency. The integration and optimization of HR processes, the shift of HR processes to HRM and Corporate Management together with outsourcing are approaches that are currently being widely debated and are consequently at the center of internal discussions.

Whereas the significance of the task is growing, the role and organization of HR Development is increasingly being questioned.

Particularly against the background of questions surrounding the contribution of HR Development to the value chain, HR managers are today seeking greater orientation while at the same time being confronted with pioneering questions.

  • To what extent are we currently handling the outlined area of tension in our company appropriately?
  • Which megatrends should the companies expect? How can we meet these challenges? What contribution can HR Development make in this regard?
  • How can the value-chain contribution of HR Development be secured and presented in concrete terms?
  • How can the area of HR Development define and anchor flexibility and innovation as fundamental principles and competences in the company?
  • How can the area of HR Development be developed sustainably?

p3 advises and supports Human Resources and Human Resources Development on their way to becoming Business Partners. The focus of these efforts is on strategic orientation, organizational structure, processes and the development of employee competence in the department.


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